Pacific Services Group CEO Mark Coleman’s visit to Boolardy

“Last week I travelled from Sydney to Boolardy in WA – Boolardy is 330 kms inland from Geraldton.

PSG Holdings is contracted by CSIRO to deliver the camp management at Boolardy which supports the Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory.

I’ve been the CEO at PSG Holdings for a number of years, and over these years I’ve seen PSG Holdings do many wonderful things while delivering projects; I must say this was one of the proudest moments for me as CEO seeing first hand the the exceptional standards we are delivering to the client, but the best result is the way we are engaging with the local Wajarri people who have occupied the land for 40,000 years.

1 Mark Coleman.jpg

We have nine staff on project and six are Indigenous, our site manager David Hollingsworth is doing an amazing job running the camp and creating a family like atmosphere on site with both CSIRO and PSG Holdings staff. He is also working very hard to implement new training programs for our Indigenous staff on site, including Certificate II in Cleaning and Catering qualifications.

Our catering managers Rhonda Richardson and Kate McCosker have been keeping all the troops happy, with exceptional food being prepared daily for all the CSIRO staff; the feedback I received about the catering and service delivery was amazing.

Our cleaning crew, including a member of the local Pia community, keep the whole site sparkling. Our new grounds maintenance worker Jon Grey also keeps the rest of the site looking great!

With such a tight working crew, all members need to and do pull together to make the whole project a success.

I’ve returned with a new understanding of what it means to work remotely; watching these people working long days for 2 weeks straight, being away from family and friends, is an enormous commitment and one that I as CEO appreciate greatly.

Well done, PSG Holdings Team.”