Tammy and Tarni Smith

Tammy and Tarni Smith

Day 3 IPP Fact finding tour South Australia

7th August, 2018

After some outstanding results in Canberra and Junee, the Day 3 report comes from South Australia. Once again, our partnership with CSIRO nationally has equated to real Indigenous employment. A feature of the PSG Holdings team at the CSIRO Adelaide site is Aboriginal mother and daughter, Tammy and Tarni Smith. A single mum, Tammy had been unemployed for some years prior to joining PSG Holdings. Juggling work and family responsibilities can be difficult, which makes the hours involved in the cleaning role attractive for Tammy. “I’m just so grateful for the opportunity; for PSG Holdings seeing something in us and taking a chance. I’ve still got a smile on my face for having a job, and every night when I go into work I’m smiling. All the CSIRO people I’ve met while cleaning have been really friendly and welcoming," she said. 

For her daughter Tarni – who’s recently moved out of home – the shifts she shares with her mum give them the opportunity to spend time together. Tarni, who completed her HSC in 2015, has recently been exploring her Aboriginal heritage, undertaking studies in the Pitjantjatjara language. She is taking a break from her childcare studies but is planning to return to study, which her cleaning shifts would allow her to do. Tammy and Tarni are impressing the PSG Holdings hierarchy too. “They were both a bit shy at first” said PSG Holdings National Operations Manager, Adam Beckett . “But they are turning out to be stars. They have a great future at PSG Holdings”.

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