The Kimberwalli Centre, Aboriginal Centre for Excellence

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The old Whalan High School site in Mount Druitt, Western Sydney, has been repurposed to become the Western Sydney Aboriginal Centre of Excellence. The project is a community partnership designed to value and celebrate Aboriginal identity and excellence. 

The project scope of works for the contractor involved design finalisation and construction, and conversion of the existing space into the new Aboriginal Centre of Excellence. The intent is that this project is a community partnership and the new Centre will become a hub for young Indigenous Australians to harness their aspirations and talents. 

The development of the new Aboriginal Centre of Excellence comprises the following components: 

  • The structural demolition of portions of the two buildings to facilitate the buildings modifications within the Whalan High School campus 

  • Removal and replacement of the existing roof and roof purlins 

  • Construction of a new lift shaft and entryway 

  • Construction of a new covered walkway and veranda 

  • New set-out of internal wall and ceilings to suit the repurposed facility 

  • Installation of new engineering services including electrical, mechanical, fire and hydraulics 

  • Internal fit out including the construction of internal plasterboard walls and ceilings, replacement of windows, installation of new doors and door hardware, joinery, aluminium partitions, a lift and bathrooms 

  • Finishes including flooring, painting, furniture and appliances 

  • External works comprising of engineering services, civil work and landscaping