Junee Correctional Centre

Junnee CC details

Junee Correctional Centre is currently under Construction. Work began in January 2018 and is scheduled for completion in October 2019. PSGH are managing the construction of new buildings, extensions to existing buildings and refurbishments of existing buildings.

A new maximum security prison is currently under construction by CPB contractors in an adjacent lot. PSGH’s contract as part of this work, is to facilitate and reconfigure the existing medium security facility in conjunction with the maximum security build.

The reconfiguration works consists of:

  • Gatehouse extension
  • Administration/ reception building
  • Consultation/interview rooms
  • Dispensary and drug store
  • Transitional accommodation wards
  • X-ray facility
  • Staff offices
  • Inmate lunchroom
  • Kitchen with catering equipment
  • Vocational training building
  • Programs building