Garden Island Stage 1 Cruiser and Oil Wharf Upgrade

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PSGH were appointed as the Managing Contractors for the planning phase of the Garden Island Stage 1 Cruiser Wharf Upgrade. Planning and Design for the upgrade commenced in January 2015 and by December 2017 PSGH successfully delivered an innovative design solution that met the requirements of the brief.

PSGH in partnership with Lend Lease are currently completing the delivery phase of the $215 million project, which is due for completion in October 2022.

The Garden Island Defence Precinct (GIDP) is the only Major Fleet Unit on the East Coast of Australia. Its primary role is to support home-ported and visiting Navy Ships. The aim of the Stage One Project is to address signi cant deterioration of the Cruiser Wharf and Oil Wharf by providing a new, fully functioning and operationally exible wharf at the northern end of Garden Island, capable of berthing and facilitating maintenance work on Navy vessels. This consists of a 70m extension of East Dock Wharf and a 370m long new Cruiser Wharf.