At PSG Holdings, we recruit hard working individuals and encourage them to realise their potential in an environment that values reliability and focused work. We understand that our attention to detail and strong teams are our unique difference in the field. We have a strong training program to ensure that our staff achieve peak performance and can deliver the standard of work required by our clients. Together, we aim to be a high achieving team with focused direction to consistently deliver quality service to our clients. At PSG Holdings we understand that staff really are the key to our business’ strength and our aim is to provide our staff with possibilities to achieve results.



  • Site Engineer for a large Sydney based project
  • Project Manager for a $15m Newcastle based project
  • Experienced Estimator based in Sydney
  • Contract Administrator based in Sydney
  • Project Manager/Engineer based in Sydney for multiple National fit-out projects

If you are passionate, want to build on and/or share your expertise, are determined to deliver your best, thrive under pressure and respond proactively and positively to targets, a career at PSG Holdings could be for you. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are strongly encouraged to apply for available positions.

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